Cranio-sacral Osteopathy… For whom…?


Chronic postural and stress issues – Sleep dysfonctions – Somato-Emotional issues

Relief of long term sickness issues : i.e. pain relief in cancer patients, alleviation of side-effects from treatments, activates self-healing, supports digestive and elimination functions…

Maintenance of range of motion through maintaining joints mobility

Higher self-esteem and happier mood through personal care and re-appropriating our bodies by placing them in their best functioning state as possible


The philosophy behind… What again…? Philosophy…? Well…Just take what you want out of it… But for the explanation… Cranio-sacral therapy is a therapy (no way !) that puts the body in its most effective self-healing place. So… Yes, it does help with anything, since the body can use its best immune response.

Stages of life :

Babies / Toddlers : C-section babies – colitis – ear infection – flat head – latching issues

Growth spurts

Hormonal changes (puberty boys and girls/pregnancy/menopause)

Acute injuries : supports healing and recovering

Chronic pains : sciatica, migraines

Supportive treatment :

Cancer (alliviates side-effect symptoms from treatments)

Pain management (effectively reduces the use of morphine)

Stress management :

Highly relaxing technique ~ as a matter of fact, the number of patients who have been unable to nod-off at all during a session can be counted on the fingers of one hand…

Allieviates stress related symptoms : insomnia, migraines, teeth grinding,