The philosophy behind… What again…? Philosophy…? Well…Just take what you want out of it… But for the explanation… Cranio-sacral therapy is a therapy (no way !) that puts the body in its most effective self-healing place. So… Yes, it does help with anything, since the body can use its best immune response.

Stages of life :

Babies / Toddlers : C-section babies – colitis – ear infection – flat head – latching issues

Growth spurts

Hormonal changes (puberty boys and girls/pregnancy/menopause)

Acute injuries : supports healing and recovering

Chronic pains : sciatica, migraines

Supportive treatment :

Cancer (alliviates side-effect symptoms from treatments)

Pain management (effectively reduces the use of morphine)

Stress management :

Highly relaxing technique ~ as a matter of fact, the number of patients who have been unable to nod-off at all during a session can be counted on the fingers of one hand…

Allieviates stress related symptoms : insomnia, migraines, teeth grinding,


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